Monday, March 8, 2010

We had a very old tree that was partly rotten, and had worried for a long time that it might split and fall on the house. A good friend, who used to do logging professionally, came out and dropped the tree for us today. He worked so fast, it was amazing! We are planning to put some fruit trees in that area. It is sad to see an grand old tree come down, but it had to be done. Now I can look forward to planting a small orchard.
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  1. How much land do you live on? We just have 16 acres. I want to put in an orchard too.
    I am glad the tree went down professionally and not onto your house.

  2. We have 8 acres in woods, and about 2 on the area where the house and everything else is. Until 1994 (for the previous 9 years) we lived on a small farm and planted lots of nice fruit trees. But we had to move away from there, and so it's about time we started over! The problem has been the shade in our yard.

  3. The weather must be nice. My husband was out last night working on our trees and the damage from this past winter's storms. At least, we will have plenty of firewood for next winter! I do hate to see the old trees come down. Like you, we are replacing them with fruit trees. Good luck with your fruit orchard!

  4. I am so glad you got the tree down and the house is safe. Jay now can pull his tactor in there with out taking out branches anymore.That makes for more wood for the fire as well next year. Can't wait to see it.


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