Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Laundry

This is what I do all winter with my laundry. There is a fireplace insert with a wood fire behind everything that you can't see. It's very convenient and saves a lot of money on electricity! Also, the clothing and towels, etc. last longer!
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  1. I love the button lamp idea. I dont remember reading about it. I must of missed it. I bought some fuel made from pig fat. It works in place of kerosene but is a natural alternative. I burn it in my lamps. I have a friend who owns a bio tech plant that makes auto oil out of animal fat, thats how I found out about it.
    Anyway, my clothes line is way out there so this year I want to get it put closer to the house where I will use it.

  2. I can't wait until the weather gets warm enough to hang my clothes out again. I love the way they smell when they are hung out. I also love spending time outside so that gives me more chances to go out.


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