Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Money saving tidbit

*blush* I just have to share this. I read in the book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat that some people use coconut oil for an underarm deodorant. I use extra-virgin coconut oil in my cooking, so decided to give it a try. It works very well. And it doesn't stain clothing. Besides, it smells nice. Now, I am 61 years old. It may be that for a younger person it might not be as effective, but it has been successful for me.


One of these jars would be a lifetime supply!

If you try it and are not pleased with the results, it is also an excellent skin moisturizer. One of my daughters, who is now 32, has struggled with a low-grade case of acne since she was a teen and since she's been using this oil, she's had no trouble and it is saving her a lot of money.

And then, of course, you can eat it and cook with it. It is very healthy.


  1. Hey! I am not 32 yet! LOL! Love you Mom!

  2. I was rather confused trying to figure that out. Sorry, Autumn. :)

  3. I have been reading your blog for a little while. I don't think I have commented here before.
    I'm wondering if you have written on making yogurt. I use to make it in a crock pot with yogurt as the starter. Lately it has not been working. Do you know of a method that requires little fuss and does not include buying an appliance?

  4. Elie, I am certain I am not an expert on yogurt making, but here is how I used to do it years ago. I used a heating pad, nestled down into a basket that would hold 4, 1-quart jars. I used powdered milk and plain yogurt from the store as my original culture and could use my own yogurt many times in a row without needing to buy more yogurt. So, this is how I did it:

    For each quart jar, put in 1/4 cup cultured yogurt, enough nice warm water on the jar up to where it starts to curve to the top, 1 and 1/2 cup of instant powdered milk. Stir that well. Put on lids. Place the heating pad (set on low - the kind that does NOT turn itself off automatically) in the bottom of the basket. Put a dish towel on top of it. Then place the jars on that and cover with a folded bath towel. Let it sit until the yogurt "sets" and then taste it and see if it is as you like. If not, give it more time. It can sit overnight at least. Of course, you could substitute other milks, but if you have raw milk, I am not sure how it would work. I will have to try that with my goat milk when the girls freshen next month. Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog!

  5. Thank you for your answer. I like to use whole milk. I may try your method with whole milk. I am wondering if the quantity of live culture has gone down in store bought yogurt. I don't have a good raw milk source yet. We have laws about buying milk that make it more difficult to buy directly from our neighbors. The down side of being in a big dairy state.
    Please post if you do give yogurt making a try again when your girls start producing. I gave up buying yogurt years ago because I can't take the amount of sugar they now add to it.

  6. Ellie, I think you would need to warm the milk before adding the yogurt. I have no idea about the strength of the culture, but I bet if you just buy some plain yogurt, it will be fine.


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