Friday, July 2, 2010

Shameless Bragging

Our County Fair was this week. I entered 18 different things that I canned and also a little girl's dress that I sewed for a granddaughter's birthday. I picked them all up tonight and brought home my haul of ribbons! :)

I earned a blue ribbon for the dress ~

When our children were young, they always participated in 4-H and I have kept up the tradition. It's fun and nostalgic for me. I give the ribbons to grandkids. :)


  1. Well done! You set a great example for your grandchildren.

  2. Holy cow, you are one active grandmother! What a great example you are to everyone around you.

  3. Good job. I am glad you still participate. Our fair is not doing as well as it could because we need more participants.

  4. That is great! I love that! Someday I would love to grow up to be more like you. (Yes you will see us again before the move).


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