Friday, October 29, 2010

Dried Pears

Here are the last of the pears. In a hurry, what can I do? I decided to dehydrate them.

I have this cool little "apple peeler/corer" thing. But if you want, you can set it so it does NOT peel. That's what I did.

Whenever I do canning, or something like this, I try to set up a good "system" first. That makes it much easier. Here is a bowl for the cores and stems:

Here is what the pears look like coming out of the device:

And then I plopped them into a bowl of apple juice so they won't turn brown:

Here is a core after this pear was cored and sliced. Easy to slip off and discard:

Here are some draining in a colander:

I took each sliced pear and cut it in half:

Then I spread them out on the dehydrator trays:

Here is the dehydrator with most of the trays full:

And here is what was left over!

A few hours later, I have two quart sized bags of nice, chewy and sweet dehydrated pears!


  1. Mmm....I love my Excalibur, but have never done pears, tho they are one of my favorite autumn fruits. Maybe there will still be some available at the farmers mkt tomorrow!

  2. YUMMY! I've been wanting to slice some and dry them for use in some of my potpourri:D

  3. That's awesome! What a great dehydrator and slicer! Someday (in my next life) when I'm not working all the time I'm going to do stuff like that.

  4. I have a 4 shelf Excalibur. Its great isnt it? We are shifting over from jarred to more dehydrated because of the weight aspect. Of course some things have to be in jars like meat. But many other things are good dehydrted.
    I love your tutorials. I learn so much. Good pictures too.

  5. Thanks, Deb. I'm glad you enjoy it here. I LOVE your blog. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Yes, the Excalibur works so very well. I had one of those other dryers that doesn't even have a fan, and the food would rot in there. Not good!

  6. Everything was well until I saw the dehydrator part. :( Could I make something like this in my oven?


  7. Yes, you CAN use an oven. Do a little research online. I am certain you can find out how. Good luck!

  8. Dried tons of pears last year. This year we made juice. Those look so good. Certainly a helathy treat.


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