Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tortilla Chips - Sort of homemade

Ever since I made the green tomato salsa, I've been wishing I had some tortilla chips to have with it. When I went grocery shopping, I looked for "baked" tortilla chips, thinking that way I could avoid the unhealthy oils they use in frying. It was not to be. Even the baked varieties have soy oil and disturbing things of that nature on the ingredient list. Then I thought, well, I could make some tortillas from masa, but just haven't felt that ambitious. I did the next best things this evening. I used commercial corn tortillas:

I used my pizza cutter to cut them into wedges. The salt shaker there is what I used to season them after they were deep fried. It is full of RealSalt. I love that stuff... it has such a good flavor, plus contains at least 60 different trace minerals that our bodies need, so is a healthy addition to our diet.

I filled my little "Fry Daddy" deep fryer with lard up to the line, and heated it for about 10 minutes before adding some of the chips. I only did one layer at a time and let them cook until they were almost done sizzling and had just barely started to turn brown:

Here is my tool for taking the chips out of the fryer. You could also use a slotted spoon.

I drained them on a plate covered with several layers of paper toweling. I also salted them at this time. As they were finished, I transferred them to a bowl lined with a dish towel:

And here is my little bowl of salsa. It was delicious!

Maybe next time I'll try to make my own tortillas. It is not difficult, just takes some time like anything else.

I am sharing this post of Wardeh's Tuesday Twister over at GNOWFGLINS!


  1. Those look wonderful! They also look yummy!

  2. They are yummy and fun to make. I think the kids would really enjoy that and of course, they could be seasoned other ways!

  3. This looks wonderful!! Think I might give this a go...maybe tortilla chips are back on the menu (:

    I'm a new follower - Michele

  4. These look yummy. I have two of those tools too and I like them a lot. That was one of the tools I kept when we down sized because it is so handy.


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