Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brown Bagging It.

Pay no attention to what I spilled on the stove top. I grocery shop only about 6 times a year, so when I do it, it takes most of a day. Remember the soup I posted yesterday? I mentioned it would serve 3. There are only two of us here, so when I packed my lunch to take along today, I heated the last portion and put it in a thermos. I also took a small jar of homemade yogurt with a little maple syrup in it. Oh, it was all so good!

We have a membership in Sam's Club and there are some items that I buy there because the prices on them are the lowest I can find. I needed to get some of my husband's favorite bath soap (Irish Spring - I use homemade soap, but I'm not going to take his favorite soap away from him!) I went into that section of the store. There are long, double-sided isles, packed with all kinds of things from toothbrushes, to supplements, to diet aids, protein powder, power bars...etc. I got to thinking about how most of the stuff there is purchased by people who don't know how to eat in a healthy way. It's very sad.

I had a good trip. I even picked up a few items of clothing in a thrift store for myself. It is Wednesday. On that day, Senior Citizens get a 30% discount. There ARE some advantages to aging! :)


  1. Yolanda you always inspire me to be more frugal.

  2. Wow, shopping only 6 times a year. You are amazing. I need to try to shop much less than I do. Thanks for the inspiration.
    BTW, we made it to ?? and are in a nice hotel suite in one of the hotels owned by my brother in law. What a blessing to allow us to stay free and during spring break.

  3. Debbieo, I'm so glad to know all is well with you. Have a lovely time! Maybe I should post about how and why I shop so seldom.


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