Monday, March 21, 2011

I love "Spring Break"

When our children were school-aged, during the years they were in public school, (we home schooled for a while) and "Spring Break" would come, I would sometimes think, "break for whom???" During the home schooling years, we were together most of the time, and I loved that, so it's not that I didn't enjoy being with my children. There was just something about the disruption of the 1 week school break that was hard on me. Now, however, Spring Break is something I look forward to, as it often affords time to spend with various grandchildren. This week, two different days, we'll have 3 of them here, and then the next two weeks we'll have 2 more visiting for the whole time. It is so fun and something I really look forward to. The picture is of my granddaughter, Hanni. She is making cookies. :)


  1. :-) That's really nice that you could spend a day with them.

    I love having the girls home, but they are in public school, so a break is a break for me too, because I don't have to get up early or drive carpool or take them to school functions.

    We have the same kind of flour!

  2. I guess I always had to get up anyway to milk the goats. Interesting about the flour. I got mine through the co-op. Where did you get yours?

  3. You are such a good grandma. I bet your grandkids love being at your house. What fun you have.


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