Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's That Time Again! :)

Laundry Day (Hip-Hip Hooray!)

“Laundry Day” is said with ease,

But I am moved to differ.

Because of e-lec-tri-ci-ty

Our joints are getting stiffer.

“What can we do?” My heart doth cry,

Are we all doomed to suffer?

With all our faculties awry

Because of power’s buffer..

Between us and the need for work?

We sit and use our thumbs,

For texting, email and the like.

We’re turning into bums.

“No! No!” I cry, it cannot be!

We need lots more activity!

Get up, get out, oh see it there?

There’s swaying clothing in the air!

The sun is out, it’s warm, it’s free!

I’m moved to can it be

This simple labor I have found

Is possible the whole year round?

My limbs and joints quite happily

Engage in this activity.

I reminisce and contemplate

Beloved Earth’s eventual fate.

If we are very circumspect,

And treat Her with devout respect,

Our grandchildren will join the throng

Of happy launderers who prolong

Their own lives, and the lives of friends.

We will accomplish the good ends

Of clean air, land and water too.

I think this is what we must do!

-Yolanda 2011


  1. That is a really cool, I can not wait until it is warm enough to hang out our clothes again.

  2. Oh we are praying they let us have a clothes line in this RV park. We ended up in a totally different town and a nicer park. They even said something about us being park host's. If that happens we could get free rent in exchange for a few hours of work each week.
    That would be a good thing. Plus we would get a larger spot to park.
    We will see how it works out.

  3. Beautiful!

    Happy laundering...


  4. Thank you, Out Back! And Debbieo, I surely hope that works out for you! That would be great!

  5. I know I love it when it gets warmer again too. I hung my laundry out on Saturday. It smells so nice.


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