Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Saving the Greenhouse!

While the grandchildren were here, I turned my back on the greenhouse for those 2 weeks. It dawned on me yesterday that I'd better go out there and take care of it. First, I needed a hearty breakfast... sourdough whole wheat pancakes, butter, maple syrup, a farm fresh egg and some milk kefir:

Next, I put on Silicone Glove and ran soap under my fingernails:

Here I am, all ready to get to work!


The kale is all going to seed:

The Swiss chard is calling for help!

The weeds (this is dock) are rejoicing:

50 degrees outside the greenhouse, 72 inside:

The first wheelbarrow load going to the compost:

And the second.....:

Baby tomato plants:

Bunching onions:

Now the Swiss Chard can breathe:

A few leaf lettuces that survived the winter:


That only took 2 hours of work. And was a lot of fun!


  1. YOU did a WONDERFUL JOB!! I long for Summer!! XXOO, Damaris

  2. wow, you really worked hard. Good job.

  3. How is the greehouse doing? Your breakfast looks so good!

  4. It's fine. I will plant the sweet potatoes in there in a couple of days, and then I won't plant anything until September. It gets too hot!


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