Monday, May 23, 2011

Look what I found this morning!

I went out to the garden to see "what's up." Everything is "up" except the potatoes, and that is to be expected. I checked the strawberries and look what I found! Just these two. One for him and one for me, and mine tasted every bit as good as it looks. Yum.


  1. Yummy. I wanted to plant strawberries but the picking season here is April and May so I missed it. I hope I remember to plant some next year.
    One nice thing about those Yolanda is that they are big and you got a nice bite.

  2. Oh my goodness Yolanda. The beans are done and they are soooo good. It worked great cooking them in the pressure cooker. First I cooked just the beans in water for 25 min. Then I mixed in all the other ingredients on your recipe and cooked them again for about 20 min. They are so good. May I repost your recipe on my blog and add the changes I made?

  3. I'm so glad the beans worked out! And yes, feel free to use the recipe. :)


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