Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you heard of "Ghee?" It is clarified butter. That means that all the water has been simmered out of the butter and the milk solids removed. If kept in an airtight container, it can be kept at room temperature, and it is suitable for much higher heat cooking than butter, as the milk solids are the part that burn when you fry with butter. It is composed almost entirely of fat and is very high in Vitamins A and D and can contribute to eye and bone health. It is also a delicious cooking oil and has been used in India, Egypt and some other countries for a long long time.

I have been reading about ghee, and watched some YouTube videos on how to make it, but it just seemed rather complicated.... until! Last week, on the wonderful Simple Lives Thursday, at the GNOWFGLINS blog, I found instructions on how to make ghee using a Crock Pot! Here is the link.

Above is a picture of the 1 gallon Crock Pot that I used. Before I went to bed I put 3 pounds of butter (mine was salted, but unsalted is usually recommended) into the Crock Pot and I set it on low, with the lid OFF and let it cook all night.

Here is what it looked like the next morning:

I placed a piece of paper toweling into a stainless steel strainer, and that into a canning funnel on top of a glass jar:

Then I carefully ladled in the liquid:

The clear ghee flowed slowly into the jar:

Here is a jar full. I got about 2.5 pints from the 3# of butter:

I asked the lady who posted the recipe what kind of paper towel she used because I had problems. She said she used a 100% recycled paper towel that was 2-ply. I am going to look for that kind, because I had to keep changing the towel, as the flow would stop before long. I also tried 2 types of paper coffee filters and they did not work either. Other than that, this was extremely easy to do.

If you have ever priced ghee, you will know it is expensive! So, now you can easily make your own.

Many many thanks to Yolks, Kefir & Gristle!


  1. I've been planning to make ghee. Now I know to get out my Crock Pot! I read somewhere that I should use cheesecloth to drain it. Do you think that would work?

  2. No, cheesecloth will let too much of the milk solids through. Sorry.

  3. How do you use ghee? I've read about it, but have never used it.

  4. I have never had some before, but what I have been using it for is frying and I put some in my oatmeal. It has a wonderful flavor. It has been used in India forever... so if you are interested, you could search the net for other ideas. :)

  5. And, April, interestingly, since I've been trying to eat according to the WAPF guidelines and adding MORE fat to my diet, controlling my weight has become considerably easier!

  6. I just got an Indian cookbook and they use it in there, so I'll have to make some. That's interesting about the WAPF guidelines. I'm moving in that direction but it's slow. Soaking grains and nuts is the biggest challenge for me!


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