Monday, August 1, 2011

Garlic Harvest!

Today I harvested the garlic. A dear friend sent the seeds to me two years ago from Finland, and when you start with seeds instead of cloves, it takes 2 years:

I hung it up on our front porch to dry:

One of the bulbs was quite large!

And now I have plenty of seeds to share with other friends:

Thank you so very much, Saara!


  1. How wonderful! Mine didn't get nearly that big. Mine were in boxes though so they might not have had the water they needed.

  2. Autumn, that may be. It would be worth establishing a little bed IN the ground, just for garlic. I know your soil is poor there, so you could dig out a little spot and put some better soil in it. Plant those new seeds in October, and after they come up, mulch them nicely and keep it well fed. I used manure tea on mine several times during the process and kept them weeded. It was just a little place, so not too much work.


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