Saturday, December 24, 2011

Musings on Christmas Eve 2011

Dear Friends,

What a beautiful year 2011 has been for us here, and I am grateful for my online "family," YOU... my readers for how you have enriched my life.

Certainly, life is rarely without challenges. Everyone I have ever known has experienced as my dear mother used to say, "Into each life, some rain must fall." But the hard times make us grateful for the good times, and help us grow stronger. When the dust settles, and we find ourselves still trodding the straight and narrow path, still loving, still loved... the hard things don't matter.

If I were to die today, all I really care about is two things. First, that everyone here know that I love them. Secondly, that I have tried my best to live life to please my Heavenly Father.

When the children still lived with us, I read stories to them every night, and I always tucked them in bed. I tried so hard (not always succeeding) to never put them to bed sad. What if they, or I didn't wake up the next day? I tried to never leave them thinking I was mad at them. I guess that is a reflection of my desire that they know they are loved.

Jim and I have been so fortunate in our marriage. When we met, we knew that was it. We've had our ups and downs like anyone else, but we stuck it out, made it work and stayed committed to each other. 40 years. It only seems, looking back, like a few. Now that he's retired, we finally really have time to spend together, and it is wonderful. I always loved it when we had a little while to sit and really talk... now that is nearly every day. It's heaven. On earth.

I am very proud of our children. They are good people. Hardworking, honest, true and good. Kind to me and their father. Good to each other. I know that when I am gone, they will have a built in network of close friends, and that is a good feeling. Sometimes, it's hard watching life happen to them, if you know what I mean, but then I see the hand of the Lord in their lives, and I know I can relax and trust Him.

This evening, a few of our loved ones will come over for Grandma's Christmas Eve donuts. Tomorrow morning will be choir practice, for me, and then Church. Then we'll come home and me and my beloved will open a few gifts. Later, some family, including my dear sister, will come for lunch and we'll sit around and reminisce.

In the words of Tiny Tim, "God bless us, every one!"


  1. Merry Christmas Child of God. Be Merry and Be Blessed.

    Hugs my friends,


  2. Thank you, Mely. You are a treasure.


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