Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Jumble

What a wonderful way to begin this late "winter" day here in Indiana. It is sunny, a little breezy and a perfect day for hanging out laundry. The sun on my face, the birds singing... oh, so nice!

My breakfast - 1/2 strip nitrate-free bacon, free-range egg fried in the bacon drippings, a piece of homemade whole wheat toast with real butter and a small glass of goat milk kefir. Yum.

I'm "scraping the barrel" for dinner tonight. The weather last summer was so dry that our potatoes did not do as well as usual. Many of them were very small, and I have noticed they are not keeping very well. Generally, I don't peel potatoes, but when they look like this:

Then I do. Here are the small potatoes, peeled and in the pot:

I cut them up and simmered them until they were tender:

Surely, Gentle Reader, you already know how to make mashed potatoes. (Note to self... Why am I blogging about this?) I added a nice glob of butter and some fresh milk to the pot of drained potatoes. I have been told you should not add cold milk when mashing potatoes or it will tend to make them be lumpy. Horrors! Lumpy mashed potatoes? :-0 So, I pour the cold milk into the bottom of the hot pan and let it heat up some before mashing them. I also add unrefined sea salt and a sprinkle of garlic powder. (DH love garlic potatoes.)

So... Here they are! (Are you excited yet?)

Still scraping the barrel for dinner. I had about 2 cups of leftover chicken and homemade whole wheat sourdough noodles and want to be sure we use it up. But it needed to be resurrected. I added a pint of homemade chicken stock and a little more salt:

Lunch - 1/2 a beautiful ripe avocado with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and some salt and pepper. SO good!

I took the following picture the day I was defrosting the deep freeze. (Blush.) This is actually a cobweb that was growing in that corner. Did you know... cobwebs are NOT caused by spiders. No, they are a result of dust and static electricity. I thought it was a little unusual looking:

From the internet: "Cobwebs are caused by a certain area not being cleaned and dusted for a long period of time. Dust particles form together creating the lines of fuzz seen on high walls."


The best thing I found today:

I shared this link at Real Food Wednesday!


  1. What a lovely breakfast!! And be sure that many do not know how to make mashed potatoes. Seems like everything is ready made in the stores. I think my shocking to see in the store ready made was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the freezer section~why?

    Love seeing clothes blowing on the line, and know you enjoy sunshine freshness!
    Have a great week!


    1. PB&J in the freezer? :-0 Thank you for your comments!

  2. Found the mashed potatoes post. Thanks for letting me know and visiting my blog. I like how you used up leftover potatoes. Others might have thrown them out.

  3. I'm super jealous of your wash hanging out on the line!


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