Friday, March 30, 2012

A "Basket"...

Like I said once before, sometimes I just play. :D

I have a small stand of basket willows, and a few weeks ago, my husband pruned them for me. I decided to attempt a basket. I used the smaller parts of the willows and a few strands of Wisteria vines and came up with a... cough... "basket." Primitive, to be sure, putting it kindly, but it was loads of fun and I like it and will use it.

Here it is:

The bottom:

The inside:

I put a small cloth in it and will keep what's left of last year's garlic harvest in it:

And this is where it hangs in the kitchen:

Along the same lines.... the grandchildren are still here and we have built "forts" out in the woods for them. Here are some pictures:

They will be here through Easter Sunday. I will miss them so much when they go home, and yet, as I often say, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened!"

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  1. That looks like a cool and fun thing to do, basket weaving.. I like those forts!

    1. Undoubtedly the forts will still be here when you come and if you would like to try a little basket making, I'm sure we can find some materials!

  2. That sounds so cool.

    Your are a rocking grandma.


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