Friday, March 16, 2012

I Love Breakfast.

You may read advice about breakfast in many places. Some say to skip it if you aren't hungry. Some say it's the most important meal of the day. I suppose it's very much a personal thing, but to me, Breakfast is my Favorite meal of the day!

Whether I am hungry or not, I always eat breakfast. I have found that if I skip it, then I want to snack all evening and that is definitely not healthy!

In the picture you can see what I have for breakfast the majority of the time. A nice pastured egg, fried in butter, with a piece of my homemade whole wheat bread made into toast and buttered, and a small glass of milk kefir. This enjoyed in the morning, when the sun is not quite up yet, at our table, with my husband... that is a very happy and relaxing time of the day.

I read once that Julia Child said something to this effect:

Eat 3 meals a day. Have a little of everything. Not too much. No seconds. Don't eat between meals.

I agree with her. I really think our stomachs need a rest with no food in them. And I know that I sleep much better going to bed "hungry" than not. Obviously, I'm getting plenty of food in those 3 meals, if I'm not losing weight! I think that what we think is "hunger" is often not really that.

Everyone and every ~ body is different. Young children, with tinier stomachs, and when they are growing, obviously would need to eat more often.

We all have to call this for ourselves. Get to know yourself... what agrees with you, and what doesn't. How much and when. Pay attention.

How did I get off on that? Well, I really do LOVE breakfast. :)


  1. That sounds just right. Now I need some of your bread.

    I will spend some time reading you older posts.

    Take care.



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