Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Cure for the Common Cold...

This week didn't start off too well.  Monday night while sleeping, I became thoroughly chilled and woke up with a sore throat on Tuesday morning.  As the day progressed, I got sicker and sicker and by Tuesday night, had a full-blown cold.  Ugh.  Not a big deal, of course, however, I had several obligations looming over me this week, including teaching a lesson on making soap at Relief Society Thursday evening, and on Easter Sunday (tomorrow) I am teaching a lesson again and also our choir is singing 3 songs in Sacrament Meeting and I really need to be in good voice for that.  So, I wracked my brain for anything I could come up with to help me get over this cold quickly.

Recently, I had been reading online about "The milk cure."  Apparently, adopting a diet consisting of exclusively raw milk can often actually cure many severe diseases.  I had never noticed that anyone mentioned the common cold, but felt inspired to give it a try.

Tuesday night I barely slept.  I was achy and miserable.  I think I slept for about 3 hours and got up at 3:30 a.m..  That was fine, really, as I was able to get a lot done before the grandchildren woke up.  :)  It was a perfect time to try the milk cure, because I was so miserable and didn't feel like eating anything anyway.  I didn't go about this scientifically.  Fortunately, there were several quarts of raw goat milk in the refrigerator, so I was all set. I just drank a glass of milk whenever I felt like it.  I think I probably consumed 2 quarts that first day.  When our daughter and son-in-law arrived that evening, they brought a large sack of grapefruit, so I ate one of those, but other than that I had nothing but raw goat milk all day.  As the day wore on, I suspected that I was actually already beginning to recover.

That night was very interesting.  I slept "like a baby" (which I rarely do.)  When I awakened on Thursday, I was DEFINITELY a LOT better. The aches were gone, and nasal and chest symptoms were vastly improved.  Ordinarily, with a cold, I would have not even reached the horrific peak of it at that stage, and yet I was much improved!  So, I continued with the milk. That day I also ate another grapefruit and some of my fresh, green "lemonade", but nothing else.

That evening I was able to teach with no difficulty.  I wasn't coughing and sneezing and my voice was good.  Friday I began eating solid food again, as I actually felt hungry, which I hadn't before.  Today is Saturday.  Yes, there are still icky things getting coughed up and I'm blowing my nose, but I am No Longer Sick.  Hallelujah!  It worked!

I don't know if it would help anyone else, but it was too remarkable to keep to myself, and I'll definitely be doing this again next time.

If you would like to find out a bit more about the milk cure, read the following article:


  1. Wow, that's really interesting. I've read of really sick people doing milk fasts, where they drink nothing but milk for long periods of time. You're so lucky to have raw milk!

  2. I hope you are doing much better now. Very interesting about the raw milk. Will take a note about it.

    Take care dear friend.


    1. Thank you so much, Mely. I am just fine. :) I hope you are well also.

  3. Hmm...Maybe I should have tried that this winter. Now I know!

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