Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thrift store score!

I have wished for many years that I could have a "bean pot."  Recently, I finally figured out how to make tender baked beans.  And then, much to my delight, I found this little pot at a thrift store.  Apparently, it is leftover from one of these made by West Bend:

Vintage West Bend Bean Pot 1950's Crock Pot with Heat-Rite base & booklet 2 Qt

Mine did not come with the electrical appliance part.  I just have a charming stoneware pot. Here is the inside:

I've never really known if there was an advantage to having an official "bean pot," but I have used it now, and it certainly worked nicely.  It is deep and tapers up toward the top.  That was kind of on my "bucket list."  :D


  1. I had two of these when we moved to the 5th wheel and I got rid of one. I will be glad to get to use more of my kitchen things.

    1. That will be nice. How much longer do you think?


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