Thursday, December 6, 2012

A completely useless blog post...

What's in your wallet  fridge? Here are two photos showing what is in our fridge right now.  How embarrassing.  I'm not sure why I'm doing this.  ;)

 Across the top ~ chicken foot stock, home canned peaches, sausage/vegetable soup, 2 kinds of raw sauerkrat, milk kefir.  Also, in the back on the left you can see the gallon jug of maple syrup.

Below that, see where the red stuff is?  That is cheese wax on homemade cheeses in there.  To the right is 25 pounds of sliced ham for a Church Christmas dinner coming up.

Next shelf down you can see some almonds, the pink stuff is kefir cheese with strawberries blended in and on top a bowl with some hard-boiled eggs.  Next, 2 containers of cottage cheese, then in back some natural peanut butter and in front some "sun-dried" tomatoes in extra-virgin olive oil, and on the right, the white container is full of kettle-rendered lard.

The bottom has two drawers.  The one on the left has carrots and a very sad looking head of iceberg lettuce.  It ended up in the compost today.  Ugh.  On the right are some apples and part of a cabbage I bought from an Amish lady. (They grew the most AMAZING cabbages!)
Here is inside the door.  The top has, left to right, a little bit of home-canned salsa, some pickle relish, 1/2 of a lemon, a quart container that I keep maple syrup in, a small dish of goat butter, and the bin has homemade lacto-fermented mayonnaise, and two other kinds of butter.

Small shelf on left has Dijon mustard, some marinade and more pickle relish and a thing or two I can't recall right now.

Small shelf below that has water kefir grains, jar of active dry yeast and ??

Shelf on right has mustard, rennet, bottled lemon juice, 1 thing of Poweraide in case one of use gets heat exhaustion (which has happened in the past,) some prepared horseradish and some unhulled sesame seeds in an old Parmesan shaker.

Bottom shelf, goat milk and Kikoman soy sauce.

If you never visit my blog again, I will understand...


  1. in a blog slump huh? We've all been's okay we understand..I read this, and I'm coming back to read more..I'be had my share of I want to blog but about what? Too...
    have a great have some neat stuff in your fridge..

    1. LOL Thanks, Faith. I'm glad you understand. :)

  2. I like completely useless blog posts. :)

  3. It just
    Shows that everyone occasionally has a fridge like that!! Makes semi normal people feel normal!


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