Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 42...

Our girls are getting so big!  Lately, they've lived in a pen in the garage, and the weather is SO nice today.  We decided they needed an outing!  My husband is going to build a proper chicken coop, but right now he is off buying a few things so they can have a bigger outside run while they wait for a permanent home.  :)  They are wonderful chickens.  Friendly and calm.  If I put out my hand, they walk right up and let me pick them up.


  1. My girls are in a dog crate just like that but maybe a bit smaller. They are not as big as yours yet. I am going to make a little fenced area for them today too.
    Oh and I bought 12 chicks from the Amish around here but 8 of them died. 6 within the first 7 hours. When I told them they just stared back at me blankly, lol. I guess I wont be buying chicks from them again.
    Live and learn.

  2. Oh, that's a shame about your chicks! I hope the others will be ok.


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