Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yes. Spring is here!


  1. Yay!! The joy of greeting spring is nearly worth the long Midwest winter. Though it is officially spring, here in Illinois we just got another inch or so of snow yesterday. Hopefully it won't last too long.


  2. Snow? Oh... dear... well, it won't stick around. Not this year. :)

  3. We had a few inches yesterday, like slush. Cold today and flurries, colder tomorrow. I don't want to check for flowers as too early yet and if the are coming up already it's too soon. But we had a bit of a unusually mild winter.

    We've already done maple sugaring, well it's not over but my husband spent 4 days of the last two weeks up helping his family. We now have a gallon jug of syrup.

    1. I keep checking for dandelion greens. None... yet, except the volunteer in my hot bed. He looks very happy! It is supposed to get quite cold tonight I think.

      How lovely that your husband can help with the sugaring! We buy our syrup at a place about 1 hour from where we live. They have a Maple Syrup Festival every year. It's so nice. And the syrup is outstanding! I don't trust syrup from stores. After I learned that most of the extra-virgin olive oil you can buy is not what it claims, I don't trust the syrup either. Now I buy the EVOO from California and my syrup locally. It does cost more, but I am careful with it.

    2. I know there is problems with honey too coming from China and India that is not what it is supposed to be. Local is best when possible, or at least from a reliable source.

    3. Yes. I buy honey locally, too. It is a shame to have to be so suspicious, but that's reality. If I could, I'd raise all of our food, but that is not possible! I feel very lucky to be able to find such nice foods. I could never have afforded it when our children were growing up, but that's ok. We just all must do the best we can. Here is a link to a really good article about this:


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