Saturday, August 1, 2015

Windfall Apples...

About 18 years ago, I planted two apple trees.  The poor things have been almost totally neglected.  I think I've only pruned them maybe 3 times?  And I have NEVER sprayed them.  So, the apples are visited by many interesting (?) creatures and sustain a lot of damage.  Nevertheless, I can pick up the ones that are "sound" and cut out the bad parts and use the rest for whatever I like.  Today, I picked up a big apron-full and plan to make them into applesauce.

Years ago, before someone got the bright idea of growing our food with poisons, I suppose all the apples were like this.  Maybe they had fewer pests back then, or maybe not.  In any case, I am sure you could crush these, just as they are and make some wonderful apple cider, worms and all.

I once read a book by a lady who had moved to a South Sea Island with her husband.  This was many years ago.  Conditions were fairly primitive.  There was no "packaging" of food.  She wrote, "I soon learned that all that crawls is not garbage."

Every year I toy with the idea of spraying the trees.  Maybe they would be healthier, but I don't think I would.  I am so grateful for these apples!  They are sweet and crisp... and safe.


  1. I think there are natural ways to control pests. Those apples look great even if they aren't perfect!

    1. I am sure you are right. I guess I should do some research...

  2. I would not spray the trees, the apples look good to me! I love organic apple sauce!


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