Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rhubarb - did you know?

Sliced thinly, and added to a tossed salad, rhubarb is very nice!


  1. Oh wow, you have rhubarb already? Delicious! Ours is about 6" to 12" up, including leaf, so not anywhere close. We grow lots, 5 different kinds, use a lot and sell extra and give away also.

    I've never thought of adding to a salad though I just like a stalk raw with a little sugar to dip it in now and then.

    1. Athanasia, I am just totally jealous! Ever since we moved here, in 1994, I've had a real challenge growing rhubarb. I have one good plant, and the other one is nearly dead. I have No Idea what is wrong. At our other place it grew enthusiastically! But you have inspired me. I need to try some other varieties. My mom used to let me eat rhubarb with sugar that way too. :)

  2. No, I've never tried it raw. Thanks for the tip!


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