Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Donna - This is for you!

I promised my cousin that I would teach her how to make milk kefir, and even though I've posted information about milk kefir before (see what is listed on the right on this page) I want to try to simplify it for her.

Above, from left to right, you can see what I use.  First is the jar with the kefir grains and milk that has been fermenting for 24 hours.  There are a LOT of grains in there because I'm letting them propagate so I have plenty to give away.

Then you see a glass bowl with a stainless steel strainer, a jug of Vitamin D milk (whole milk) and last is the container I use to keep the liquid kefir in the refrigerator.

So, to reiterate, you need the following:

Milk kefir grains
Fresh milk
Glass jar with a lid for fermenting
Glass or plastic bowl
Stainless steel strainer (or plastic colander with small holes)
A glass jar or container with a lid for storing the liquid kefir

Here is the jar with the kefir grains that has been fermenting since yesterday:

Pour the contents into the strainer over a bowl:

Bounce the strainer up and down until most of the liquid kefir has drained into the bowl.  Here is what they will look like then: 

Return the grains to the fermenting jar and pour enough milk over them to cover the grains well.  

Replace the lid.  Do not tighten it.  It needs to be a little loose so the gases can escape.  Set the jar out of the way somewhere in your kitchen:

Pour the liquid kefir from the bowl into your refrigerator container and put it back in the fridge:

After 24 hours, repeat!  The grains will multiply and you can either eat the extra or discard them or share them with someone else.  Other than milk, you never have to buy another thing.  I've had mine for a long time and bought them originally on eBay.

Once a week, I wash my fermenting and storage jars.  This takes a lot more time to talk about than to do.

Donna, I am going to send you the grains.  Just put them in a jar immediately and cover them with milk.  Then, the next day, proceed.

Easy peasy!

Love you!

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