Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6, 2017 - About a million pictures...

Hello, Gentle Readers.  I have been having a wonderful time working in the garden today and I took a lot of pictures, too.  Some of them are very poor quality.  I know you won't mind.  Yolanda

Leeks and garlic on left, then carrots then on the right is Jericho lettuce and baby radishes.

The asparagus ferns.  My garden fairy and I transplanted these from the roadside a few years ago.

Leeks and garlic and you can see the giant sunflowers too.

Comfrey, and kale.

5 giant sunflowers.  When I was little my mother and my uncle used to have a contest each year to see who could grow the tallest one, so this means a lot to me!

The Bee Balm is so pretty!

Two volunteer Mullein plants.


Cat mint circled by a nice concrete sign that my late neighbor lady made for me.  She passed away recently and is missed.

Another view of the sunflowers and Bee Balm.

Left are Brussels sprouts, and on the right, some cabbages.

Pepper plants.  They are not doing so well, yet, although I've had a few peppers.  The ground was so wet there and it kind of stunted them, I think.



Rabbits ate all of our green bean plants, so my husband replanted here yesterday.  The marigolds are still there.  They help keep the bean beetles away.

First crop of sweet corn.  Deer were munching on the plants.  I put some chunks of Irish Spring bath soap in the rows and it seems to be keeping them away.

30 tomato plants.  Half are in cages and half are on stakes.  Between the cages I also have lots of Basil. 

Another planting of cucumbers.

Baby pie pumpkins!

Straight 8 cucumbers.

Baby beets.

Second planting of sweet corn.

Here is the row of sweet potatoes... 50 plants.  The Rabbits have been eating the vines, so I got some Shakeaway and put quite a bit in there.  So far, so good.

Just a view.

Little apples.


Apple trees (2)

Rose of Sharon bush.  It looks much nicer in person.  The hummingbirds love these flowers.

A friendly spider on the clothesline poles.

Some of my houseplants are living outside for the summer.

We have 4 ducks and 10 chickens this year.  The ducks are so funny.  We've never had our own before.

Partners in crime!

I even have a little bit of elderberries growing at the edge of the woods!

Basket willows I planted a number of years ago.

Another view.

My grandpuppy.  His family is out of town for a few days.  He likes it here.


  1. The pictures are just fine! I could see everything. We always have trouble with bell peppers, but chili type peppers, banana peppers, etc all those do well.

    1. Thank you. :) I plan to try to make things nicer for the peppers... some compost and other encouragement.


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