Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cling peaches canning update!

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Quite a while ago, I posted about canning clingstone peaches without sugar.  That worked out fine, but was a LOT of work.  Today, I figured out a MUCH easier way to do it. I bought a case of peaches for 69 cents a pound at our local grocery store.  I thought they were freestone peaches.  They weren't. Here is the link to my original post:

Here is what I did differently. Scald and remove peels. Then, take a nice sharp paring knife and just cut off pieces of the peach, down as close to the pit as you can.  Put them into a jar as you do it, and as you go, press down the peaches so the juice covers the peaches. Fill the jar to within 1 inch of the rim with peach pieces.  Then, proceed as before.

This was so easy and quick.  Why didn't I think of it before? When I got done, I put some of the peels and pits into a saucepan, added some fresh mint leaves from the garden, covered all of that with water, simmered with the lid on for about 15 and let it cool. Then I strained it into a big drinking cup and added ice and a few drops of stevia extract.  That was a refreshing drink!

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