Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saving money on laundry

I had read in various places that you can successfully launder your clothing in cold water and save quite a bit of money on the hot water bill. I was skeptical, but finally, it occurred to me ~ What is it that I SOAK clothing in to remove stains? Cold Water of Course! So, I have been doing it for some time now and have found very few things that it won't work for. I also hang nearly all my laundry to dry. Outside during fine weather and inside when it's cold or rainy. I still use the dryer for a few things, like when I pre-shrink fabric before I cut it out to sew, or if I wash something that has down in it, it needs at least some dryer time to fluff up the down. This greatly reduces the electric bill for laundry. I also swear by Charlie's Soap: It is very economical to use and there is no need for fabric softener. It leaves no residue or odor in the clothing. I love it! If you go to their website and check it out, if you buy more than one product the price per product is reduced. And the prices listed include shipping. I highly recommend it.

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