Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Nothing is Happening....

Deb, on ~ has suggested that we share pictures of our kitchens. Well, here goes! I have a tiny kitchen, very crammed, but this is where I work!

No dishwasher, but lots of nice small appliances

See my lovely refrigerator! Pics of grandkids, food co-op order schedule, Church phone list, etc. On top you see my radio, bread bowl, rice cooker and milking buckets.

My aprons are hanging on the door of the laundry room

Pantry shelves, Hoosier Cupboard where I make bread, Tons of other things

Kitchen range

The other corner with small appliances

Calendar and phone

Sink and clean dishes

View from the kitchen window

So, there you have it! (blush)


  1. I love your kitchen. I really like the light colored counters. And the hoosier cabinet. Lovely.
    I will put up a link to your kitchen tour.

  2. Thank you, Deb. I can't wait to see yours!

  3. Love your kitchen! Wish mine was as organized as yours. Is that a sausage machine (I guess that is what it is called) in kitchen - cool! Love your blog, by the way!

  4. You have a wonderful kitchen. I love it! I am in love with the hoosier cabinet. Where did you find that lovely addition to your kitchen?

  5. Your kitchen is so cute! I participated too. You can see my kitchen tour at . This is fun! :-)

  6. Thank you. No, that is a juicer. I'm glad you like my blog. I enjoy doing it!

  7. I inherited the Hoosier cupboard from my mother. When she bought it, it was all icky and terrible. She had it stripped and she refinished it. I love it too.

  8. It looks really nice! I miss being there. I envy the snow.

  9. That Hoosier cupboard always says home too me. I wish I had one. If you end up giving it to one of my other siblings at some point I will have to find one of my own so that I will have something to remind me of home. I like your kitchen too mom. That has been your kitchen since I was 14 I think... That means you have been using it for 17 years now.

  10. I have the same Corelle pattern dishes-- Calloway! I love that pattern. :) I love that Hoosier cupboard as well. It's so old-fashioned and homey. I can see your girls think the same from their comments - what a great family heirloom.

  11. How creative and smart to hang curtains to cover the contents of shelves underneath! I love that! You are SO organized in your kitchen! Your sink simply SPARKLES! May I add your post link to my kitchen tours on my blog?
    Peace and JOY to you in your beautiful home!

  12. Of course you may, Judy. Thank you for the nice remarks!


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