Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess What?

Can you tell from this picture what is going on here? I went out to the barn to feed my goats this morning and everything seemed normal. I did some other things, including picking some Swiss chard and carrots in the greenhouse and planting a whole lot of leek transplants. Then I went to the barn to check on the girls, and there was Gracie with two sweet buck kids! Could have knocked me over with a feather! That Pepsi bottle is what I used to get some colostrum into the babies.

Here they are bedded down in their little pen.

And here is Gracie. I am very grateful that all went well.

And here is the proud grandmother!

Here is "Abby" who is supposed to be due today. Maybe everyone will be born on the same day!


  1. congratulations!
    and is the layout new? I like it!

  2. Thank you! No, everything is the same in the barn if that is what you meant. ?

  3. I always say "If you know the goat is having a baby, it's time to intervene." Congrats on some darling kids.

  4. Awesome!! They are so cute!

  5. Oh my goodness, OWL MOMMA, it suddenly dawned on me what you meant by "layout!" I am so dense sometimes.... lol

  6. You are so funny. What a happy surprise. I hve never had to help with a birth, I no longer have goats but when I did, they always managed while I was off somewhere else. Had one die once, but other than that it always went well.
    Congradulations grandma.


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