Sunday, June 27, 2010

Barn Swallows

Years ago we lived on a small farm and had a very large barn. And in that barn every year the barn swallows (who migrate) would come and build their mud-daubed nests and raise their sweet little families. When we moved here, there was no barn and I always missed the swallows. My understanding is that they tend to return to where they were born, to nest, so I thought I would never have them again, which was a little sad.

3 years ago a pair built a nest on top of the window casing outside one of our bedrooms, and we've had return visits each year since! It is so interesting to see them build the nests and of course very sweet to watch as they lay, set, feed and fledge their little peeps.

My husband was able to get this picture yesterday. See the little heads? See the carefully constructed mud and moss nest?


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