Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daylily Fritters

Oh my! The daylilies were so glorious this morning!

You can use any type of daylily and this time of year where we live there are thousands of them all over the place that grow wild, but these are the ones in our yard.

In a bowl, combine 2 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of sugar and a little grated nutmeg. In case you have never seen one, that little brown lump there is a nutmeg. :)

I picked 3 blossoms and let them sit on the counter for a while so any little hangers-on could escape. Then I shook them to make sure no one was left.

Melt 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil on medium heat.

Add enough unbleached flour to the egg mixture so it is as thick as pancake batter.

Coat the blossoms with the batter and fry them in the oil. Fry one side until nice and brown, and then cook the other side.

Here they are:

I like to eat them with a drizzle of raw honey.

I don't eat the hard little green stem part.

This is a favorite early summer treat for breakfast ~ quite delicious!


  1. Isabel told me that you made one for her. Looks so good!

  2. May I ask what eating a day lily tastes like?

  3. Sarah, the flower itself is just very mild tasting. Most of the flavor comes from the batter. Eating flowers is a gentle experience.. they are softly crisp and each has it's own unique mild flavor. They make lovely decorations for cakes, and are nice in salads too, and pretty! violets, rose petals, nastutiums, daylillies, and I'm sure others.

    1. dandelions of course, as well as wisteria, honey locust and elderberry flowers! i wish i could say i've tried them all, but i know you can essentially use this same batter recipe for any--turning it into more of a dessert with sugar/nutmeg/cinnamon or more savory with cumin/coriander/pepper. Thanks for the tips!

    2. Anonymous, I accidentally deleted your comment! Please come again! I've used dried elderberry flowers as a cure for the common cold in the past and of course the berries for lots of things. And I still love to suck the sweetness out of honey locust blossoms, but I never heard of using wisteria. How interesting! Thank YOU for the tips!

  4. I have never eaten a flower before. Sounds delightful!

  5. I think it tastes like potatoes and something else I can't think of! They are really yummy.I wish we had some.

  6. Isabel, ask your mom to ask at the garden center if daylilies grow there where you live. If so, they would be easy to establish in your yard. And in a year or two you would have lots of blossoms to use!

  7. Interesting! I'd like to try that...


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