Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late June Garden 2010

I went out on this beautiful cool morning to take pictures of our garden to show you. Here is a view on the way there:

The Broccoli ~

New little strawberry row ~

The kale ~

Not much happening in the greenhouse right now, I've just let some of the seedlings remain and also the sweet potato tubers ~

Cucumbers ~

Some of the tomatoes ~

Onions ~

Kentucky Wonder pole beans ~

Sweet potato vines ~

Zinnias and Marigolds ~

Leeks ~

Potatoes ~

We have a rotting tree stump in the garden. My husband piled the barn litter on there last fall and I made little "bowls" of garden soil in there and planted a variety of squashes and pumpkins. It is going crazy!

A view of the early corn ~

The late corn ~

French horticulture beans and Top Crop green beans ~

So far we've had some nice cucumbers, about a peck of green beans, onions, kale, Swiss chard, basil, collards, and radishes to eat. If we can keep out the raccoons, we'll have corn before long. I put some lumps of Irish Spring bath soap in the beans to keep the deer away, and some "Shake Away" (LOOK HERE) on the sweet potatoes to keep the rabbits from eating the vines.

It sounds like if there were no hunting laws and seasons, I could grow my own game. Of course, the bunnies are so cute and the deer are beautiful and fascinating.... I couldn't harvest them anyway.

I LOVE this time of year. I even enjoy the heat and humidity. It is delicious to me. One thing that has helped this year is that we are not using our air conditioning. We just have a lot of fans. That way, I am not "afraid" to go outside, because I am adjusted to the heat.


  1. Everything is SO green. It looks great.

    When the soap dissolves into the soil it doesn't hurt the plants?

  2. What an inspiration you are! Self sufficiency is the way to go. To be able to feed your family instead of relying on store bought produce is certainly cheaper and far more healthy. Good for you, Yolanda! Thanks for the lovely photos. You go, girl!

  3. You garden looks great. So lush. The bugs are terrible here this year. We havnt harvested anything and dont look for much this year.
    We picked about5 or 6 gallons of small apricots. We got about 1/2 of them made into necter and as soon as the jars are ready I will can it. The rest need to finish ripening. I was going to just can the apricots but they are so tiny we would never get them all peeled.

  4. April, the soap was suggested by a gardening friend of your sister's, so I hope it will work and not hurt anything! The idea is, they don't like the smell and stay away. Debbieo ~ what a shame about your garden. I've lived in other areas where gardening was more of a challenge. My first garden was in Nebraska where it was hot, windy and dry. A friend brought in sheep manure, we tilled it in and then after the plants were up I mulched everything with several layers of newspapers and spoiled hay on top. I had to water it 2 times a week too, but it did work that year. Do you have better years there? Thank you, ladies! I am glad you like the pictures!

  5. Your garden looks great. I plan to do a late June post w/photos this week.


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