Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Remember the Egyptian onions?

Earlier this Spring, I posted about Egyptian (walking) onions. Here is how they look now.

Each plant is topped with a cluster of little "sets". Eventually, they will fall over and the sets will take root. Yesterday, on a whim, I ate one raw when I was out there. It was really quite nice! So, I decided an experiment is in order.

Some mustard seeds..

2 bay leaves...

The "sets" all cleaned...

I also added some peppercorns, but do not have a photo here. I put all of these things in a jar with a rubber seal and wire bale and covered the contents well with a brine made of 1.5 Tablespoons salt and 1 quart water.

I went out and found some wild grape leaves and washed them carefully.

I put them in the jar and put 2 clean stones on top. I will let it set on the counter until it starts to get cloudy and a little bubbly, and then transfer it to the fridge for 6 weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out!


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