Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to our home

Deb, who blogs over at Doing my Best for Him is hosting a home tour today (for those brave enough to do it!)

Welcome to our home!

We call this the "work room." It is a converted garage. We heat our house with wood and hang a little fan in the door between this room and the dining room to move the heat along. In the foreground on the left, is a little fridge that I use for goat milk storage. The wooden rack on the right is for firewood.

Same room, view toward the outside door:

The exciting hallway at the end of which is my vacuum cleaner and the kitty's litter box:

Welcome to my sewing room. I take in sewing to help the budget a bit:

Another sewing room view. You can see my spinning wheel up there:

Out the door from the sewing room:

The sewing corner:

Our bedroom (and whole house!) will never be ready for House Beautiful Magazine. We live in it.

The bed. And an old family photo of all of us. We bought this antique sleigh bed for $30 back in 1972.

My dresser and nightstand:

My nest - the livingroom:

The side of the living room. Our books and jumble of baskets. I really do use them, but this is where they stay in the mean time:

Television and grandmother clock and a few other items in the living room:

More of the same:

Utility room:

Washer and dryer (Have you fallen asleep yet?)

Home canned things in food storage room. I have foil covering the windows to keep most of the light out:

"Store bought" things in food room:

My elliptical exercise machine is in there too. Yes, I really use it.

Dining room and as you can see, sort of an extension of my kitchen:

Another view:

And my piano:

And china cabinet:

Curio cabinet:

View into kitchen:

In the corner of the kitchen:

Hoosier cupboard and shelves. A friend made those shelves for me. What a blessing! If I didn't cook much, I wouldn't need them. But I do. A lot. See the cheese press? It has some cheddar in it:

My kitchen range:

My messy fridge with milking buckets and radio on top:

Oh, yes, and the bathroom:

From the other end:

Front of the house:

Who do you see out there?

Abby, Gracie and Susie:

I made these compost bins from free wood pallets and wired them together with wire coat hangers about 12 years ago. They look very... uh... well, they still work!

Here is the door we go in:

That's it! Our jumbled, comfy home. Now you know. :)


  1. Yolanda, I love love your sewing room and the food storage and the Hoosier cabinet and the treadle sewing machine and the beautiful jarred food. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I had a washer and dryer like that only on the pedistals. I sure miss them. I have not been using my wringer. I have to figure out a better set up here or if we move a good place to use them.
    I will be sharing your home tour. Thanks again.

  2. Your bathroom is so bright and cheerful! Ours is light blue and I'm about to put a bird shower curtain up and a lace curtain in the window. I'll have to do a home tour when I'm finished re-organizing the farmhoose. :-)

  3. Yolanda, I loved seeing your home. Makes me feel right at home, though I've never been. :o) Hey, we have the same ironing board cover! Mine's beginning to look bad though.

    I'm so glad you were able to make the Thomas play mat! I hope he enjoys it. I'm still planning on making a John Deere one, if I ever get around to it. Already bought the little John Deere tractors.

    Debbie J.

  4. Thanks for the tour! Looks like a well lived in and much loved house!

  5. Nice cozy comfortable house of rational nice people


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