Saturday, November 6, 2010

Early November in the Garden

It's cold outside! The greenhouse is all closed up now. You can see the outside kale to the right of it.

Since it has gotten well below freezing a few times, I covered up the greenhouse bed with wire wickets and floating row cover:

If you lift the row cover and peak inside:

Have you ever heard of "manure tea?" (yum...?) I filled a five -gallon bucket with horse manure (you can use any kind of animal manure.) Then fill it up with water and let it sit with a lid on it for at least 1 month. Then you can dilute it and use it to water your garden plants. It is wonderful fertilizer:

Below are some of the little garlics I started from seeds a dear friend in Finland sent to me last fall. They will be ready to harvest next August:

Some of the leeks are still in the garden. I will leave them there and they should come up again next Spring:

And here is the strawberry patch that we planted this year. I kept the berries picked off, so the strength would go to the plants, but next year, we should have lots of nice strawberries to eat!

This next exciting picture is where I planted the garlic for next year. After the ground freezes, I will put some mulch on this patch. I also spread some spinach seeds here and worked them into the soil just a little bit. I hope they do well!

Here is a closer view of the outside kale. I have kale growing in the greenhouse too, but kale is so hardy that it can usually survive the winter, so I left this to grow:

Things are winding down.... not much to do out there but putter around in the greenhouse and pick things to eat. I love this time of year.

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