Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mayonnaise - a method

I made some potato salad for dinner today. I needed to make some mayonnaise for it, and as I thought about it, it occurred to me that I didn't really need to measure everything. As to the amount of oil, since I make it in my electric blender, all I need to do is add oil very slowly until it's as thick as I want it to be.

The main ingredients in my mayonnaise are extra-virgin olive oil and raw egg. I also added some Realsalt, Eden raw red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and a little Sucanat. Those things can be added "to taste."

So, that's what I did and it turned out very nicely. The potato salad is delicious!

So, if "winging it" like this makes you nervous, start here:

Crack an egg into the blender container.
Add 1/4 teaspoon salt (to begin with.)
Add 1 Tablespoon vinegar.
Add 1 teaspoon Sucanat.
Add 2 teaspoons prepared mustard.

Place the lid on the container, and the container on the blender base and turn up to medium.
Remove the round handle thing on the lid and VERY gradually, as the blender is running, drizzle in the extra-virgin olive oil.
When it is as thick as you like, taste it and correct the flavors. You might need more of some or all of them depending on what you like.

Don't be afraid. It's very easy!

I am sharing this recipe through Wardeh's Tuesday Twister over at GNOWFGLINS, and at Monday Mania.


  1. Hi Yolanda, I just love homemade mayo. Once you make it yourself, you just can't ever go back to store bought, can you? I haven't ever tried mine with sucanat before. I use dijon mustard and lemon juice. Does the sucanat make it taste sweet? I'm wondering what that would be like mixing with the mustard taste. Thanks for sharing your ideas at Monday Mania!

  2. You are right! Yes, the sucanat adds sweetness. I only added a little. It is so very nice to be able to make my own out of what I know are wholesome ingredients.

  3. I'd be all paranoid about the raw egg, tho I've thought about making mayo a time or two. I remember seeing a recipe somewhere that used egg substitute, but I suppose that would be not as good.

    1. Somewhere online I remember seeing a cooked mayonnaise recipe. You might want to google for that.


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