Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dregs of Winter....

I read in our local newspaper this morning that there are only 5 weeks until Spring. I know some of you live where it is warm all year, and some of you live where it stays cold considerably longer than here in southern Indiana, USA. I guess we are used to what we are used to! I do enjoy the break from gardening during the winter. It is pleasant to be able to concentrate on other things, like sewing. I have posted about growing carrot tops before, but still want to show you my current kitchen "forest." Just cut off the top of a carrot that has some old growth left, put it in a dish of water and make sure it doesn't dry out. I use old bottle tops and place them on the window sash above my kitchen window. They grow, are pretty, and cheer me up during these long, cold days! And if you have a pet rabbit, it would love to eat these greens. :)


  1. Very nice. My kid's do that with the carrots tops often...I might call it spring if the temperature just stays above zero for a week.


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