Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What to do with tough leftover meat.

Oh, my... click on this picture and just see the yumminess! (Is that even a word? ;)

On Sunday (2 days ago) for our lunch I prepared a 1 pound beef roast, potatoes, onion and carrots in my cast iron Dutch oven, and some green beans on the side. The vegetables were very good. The meat was very dry and tough. We ate it without complaint, but I didn't really want to face it again, at least not in the same form. So, here is what I did - I had made some gravy by deglazing the pan with some water and used that as the base. After everything had cooled, I cubed the meat and potatoes and mixed in the green beans. I spread all of this into a buttered pie plate, poured in 2 cups of the gravy, covered with plastic wrap and stored it in the refrigerator until this afternoon.

Then, I made a batch of biscuits , cut them out with my smallest round biscuit cutter so they would more easily cover the filling and I was able to fit most of them on top. Next I popped it into a pre-heated 400F oven and baked it for 35 minutes. If you might worry that the top is getting too brown, but when you lift a biscuit carefully and can tell it's not quite done inside, then simply lay a piece of aluminum foil or some brown paper loosely on top until your "pie" is done.

Here it is, baking, with the few extra biscuits on a separate pan. Those got done much sooner than the final dish.

Delicious! This will serve 6, as a main course.


  1. That looks delish. I must break out my camera and use it faithfully like you do. Lovely, Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Debbieo. I look forward to hearing about your blog soon!

  3. Wise woman! Great use of a tough meat. I bet it got tender after a second cooking and the flavors had improved.

    Thanks fro sharing!


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