Friday, March 11, 2011

March in the Greenhouse

It's 47 degrees F. outside, but a beautiful sunny day here in southern Indiana. I knew it would be getting really warm in the greenhouse, so I went out to have a look around. Here is the view from the door:

And you can see the temperature inside of the greenhouse!

It is time to take off the floating row cover. Look at how lush the bed looks today!

The Mache (corn salad) is starting to go to seed. It is definitely a cold weather green:

See the rampant chickweed growing amongst the bunching onions?

One variety of kale:

The other variety of kale:

The Swiss chard is making a comeback.

There are a few green onions left:

Even one lonely leaf lettuce that survived!

A view from the other end:

We will use up what's left as best we can before it all goes to seed. I keep the Swiss Chard through the spring and early summer, just by cutting off anything that looks like it is trying to bolt. That works very well.

I cleaned out most of the Mache, and will turn that end of the bed into a hotbed to start vegetable and flower plants for the garden, very soon.


  1. Wow, looks awesome! Hopefully we will get our greenhouse up this year!

  2. You do such a good job with your greenhouse. It looks awesome.


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