Friday, March 18, 2011

Starting to garden for this year...

I was very happy today to be able to go and buy most of our seeds for our vegetable garden. We will be simplifying our plantings this year, emphasizing the things we really use, and not planting so many different things. Here is what I bought:

24 pounds of seed potatoes
3 pounds onion sets
2 varieties of tomato seeds
green bush beans
sweet corn
pickling cucumbers
winter squash
yellow summer squash
Swiss chard

I also got 6 broccoli and 12 cabbage plants

I still need to find pepper seeds, but they didn't have any of those. I'll look elsewhere soon.

We hope all of this translates into an abundant harvest this year. I will start my own tomatoes, peppers and sweet potato plants in the greenhouse.

We have had lots of rain recently, for which I'm grateful. As soon as things dry out enough, we'll start getting the garden ready and put out the potatoes and onion sets.

It still remains to be seen if the rhubarb we put out last year survived the drought. The garlic is up and there is lots of it!

I'm looking forward to it! I would love to hear from some of you about your gardens and plans and hopes!


  1. What type of pumpkin (for eating) do you plant?

  2. The varieties called "pie" pumpkins are the most convenient. They are smaller, and have very thick flesh.


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