Friday, June 3, 2011

Erin's Sourdough English Muffins: Update

One of my favorite recipes is for Erin's Sourdough English Muffins. I posted about these previously here. These are so delicious, easy to make and not only are good for breakfast and then toasted the next day (s), but they make fabulous sandwiches. We had some tuna salad sandwiches on them yesterday. They make great hamburger buns as well.

The only problem that I have had with the original recipe is that after you add the salt and baking soda, it says to let them rise for 45 minutes. Milking goats makes mornings a bit hurried, and I don't want to wait so long to be able to bake the muffins (stove top) and so now I only let them rise for 15 minutes and it works just as well, if not better.

If you have never had these, please give them a try. They are wonderful!


  1. I just made those the other day and they were SO good! I am loving the gnofglins class right now!

  2. That is great, Jennie! Yes, Wardeh surely offers a good and enjoyable class!

  3. These sourdough English muffins are a staple in our home! I make a triple batch at least twice a month and never do the last 45 minute rise. We love eating them fresh off the griddle with raw honey! We slice the rest of them (once they've cooled) and then freeze them to enjoy over the next several weeks. So good! I am slightly jealous of your large griddle. ;-) I can only fit four muffins on mine, so making a triple batch takes some time!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with these delicious English muffins. :-)


  4. What an inspiration you are, Mindy! Oh, and I do love my griddle. When we got our new stove last year, my husband wanted me to get it. I didn't complain very much. The only thing is, it's non-stick, which worries me a little. I may go back to using the cast iron soon. Thank you for telling me that you don't do the 45 min. rise either. :)

  5. We love these too! They become a staple in our home!


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