Monday, July 11, 2011

Cushaw Squash

Look what I found in the garden this morning! It is so large (at least to me) for this early in the season and beautiful!

I believe this is a Cushaw winter squash. I am not certain. If any of you know differently, please tell me.


  1. Winter squash is easily stored just around the house. I still have one of these and several butternut squash left from last year! Usually, I just cut it in half, bake cut side down at 350 until tender, scoop out the seeds and serve with butter and sucanat. Yummy! They also make good pies, like pumpkin, and can be steamed and mashed and added to quick breads, can be sliced and added to a stir fry, chunked and in soup. Endless possibilities!

  2. Let me know what it's like and how you use it. I've never heard of that variety before.


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