Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Tiny Tips

Tip # 1 ~ When you can food, and take the jars out of the canner, while they are still hot, use a crayon to write the date or whatever you like on the lid. When they cool, it will stay in place nicely.

Tips # 2 ~If when you are growing tomatoes, something always bites or ruins them about the time they get fully ripe, pick them a little earlier than that and let them ripen in the kitchen. Often, that will save them, and I promise they will still taste very good.

Tip # 3 ~ If you keep a cow or milk goats, you can use a metal mesh coffee strainer to strain your milk. Here you can see how I place it at an angle inside of my canning funnel. It works wonderfully well and fast!

Tip # 4 ~ I blogged about this last year, but want to mention it again ~ put a little apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish detergent in a shallow bowl and set it out in the kitchen. The fruit flies will drown.

That's it for now! This post is linked up with Simple Lives Thursday #54 !


  1. Thanks for the tip of writing on the canning lids with crayons --- I will use it!

  2. Ooh, love the fruit fly tip! I do something similar for bugs in the garden - soapy water when I'm debugging plants.

  3. I bought 500 small round peel-off labels at the office supply. Before removing them from the backing, I write the name of what I canned on it, with the date, and stick it to the center of the metal lid. Looks nice, it is easy to write on, and nothing to remove from the jar before reusing it.

  4. Mary Jane, that is a really nice idea. Particularly if you were going to give a jar as a gift, it would be nice to have it all neat and be able to write more than just "11". Thanks!

  5. I love the crayon idea. I love new ideas. Thanks.

  6. I have used the apple cider vinegar recipe all year, and told a million people about it, it is amazing

  7. A million is a lot! :) I'm glad it helps you too.


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