Friday, August 26, 2011

Pizza Sauce

It would be easier to make this sauce with paste - type tomatoes. I did not grow any of those this year. They have considerably less water in them. I wanted to make pizza sauce, so here is how I did it:

Here is my Victorio Strainer. In this nice device, you can strain raw tomatoes! I just washed them and cut them into chunks and put them through the strainer:

Here is a view from the top. When our children were young and still at home, they would argue over who got to crank the strainer. :)

I placed a big bowl on top of a folded towel to catch the inevitable drips:

Here you can see the pulp coming out the back end:

When I had strained all of the tomatoes, I put the pulp back in the strainer and ran it through one more time:

I lined a large colander with a cotton cloth. (I use an unbleached flat birdseye diaper.)

I set the colander on top of a large pot to catch the drips and let it sit there for 1 hour. It could have sat longer, but I didn't have room in the refrigerator and was worried it might spoil.

So, then I transferred it to a Crock Pot, and set it on "high" and left the lid off. Every once in a while I would go back and stir it carefully. When I went to bed last night, I turned it on "low" and this morning it was all ready. Here you can see how thick it had gotten:

There were two quarts of nice thick tomato sauce. I added:

2 Tablespoons Italian Seasoning
1.5 teaspoons sea salt
a little sprinkle of ground cayenne pepper

Then I ladled it into half-pint jars (1 cup), 8 of them, and processed it in my steam canner for 35 minutes. You would need the same amount of time in a water bath canner.

I still need to learn how to make good mozzarella cheese. I have tried, but not really concentrated on it enough to master it. Maybe that will be next.

Oh! I do love a good pizza made with wholesome ingredients!


  1. How many tomatoes did you start with to make this? Thanks!


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