Sunday, October 16, 2011

Potato Ricer

Do you have a potato ricer? My mother had one, and that is the only reason I know about them. It is a very handy item. I mainly use it to prepare potatoes or sweet potatoes to add to baked goods. Here it is sitting in a bowl:

First, I "nuked" a smallish sweet potato:

Broke it into pieces and put it in the ricer:

Then closed the ricer and "riced" the sweet potato:

Here it is all ready:

I like to add white or sweet potatoes to bread and rolls particularly, so this makes it easy and quick and removes any tough bits.

This post is linked to 11'th Heaven's "Homemaker Monday."


  1. I used to have one but it was donated a couple of years ago. The texture on the potatoes is always so creamy when using a potato ricer.

    Have a blessed week.


  2. I too had a ricer but it was a casuality of the down size. As long as we live in this 5th wheel I have to canstantly refrain from my habit of aquiring things.

  3. Thank you, Mely!

    Debbieo, if I lived in a very small place, I would not have one either... particularly if I did not use it very often!

  4. I have a ricer and have used it to squeeze out excess water from thawed (frozen) spinach. It works well.

  5. Love the new font and blog look.

  6. Thanks!! I keep looking at it trying to decide if I like it or not. :)


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