Friday, October 7, 2011

A thought for today...

Yesterday I was an adopted grandma for a young friend at Grandparents' Day at the local elementary school. We had lunch. White noodles and chicken, green beans (yummy!), a white roll, white shortcake with sweetened strawberries and cool whip, and then 3 flavors of fat free milk available. Ewww... BUT, as I was sitting there beside my little friend, happily eating a little of the food, I looked at the line of children waiting to get their trays and I thought, "There are SO many children in the world that have next to nothing to eat. These children are blessed." The food is clean, nice tasting and filling. That is a good thing, isn't it. The food is not ideal. I know that. But it is food, and they get to eat every day.

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  1. my schools food is nasty. how is that food?

  2. Actually, Harry, the food tasted nice. At your school they try to make everything "healthy" but it's not. I'm sorry your school food is nasty. Good thing Mom can pack your lunch!

  3. In the town we used to live in my friend was the school cook and although she didnt have to she made most of the food from scratch because she liked to do it. Not too many complained of her food thats for sure and she always saved the school money by making food from scratch. The government sent commiditiies and they were less than healthy but she had to include them in th menus. She bought fresh local produce whenever she could. The smell of her homemade bread waifted down the halls.

  4. Debbieo, that's really nice. It is so different now, as here, at least, they prepare all the food at a central location and it is distributed all over the county to hundreds and hundreds of students.


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