Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Tips

Although the weather is currently unseasonably warm, any day now, the temperature will plunge and we could have a frost. Today, I picked all the ripe tomatoes and all the ones that are starting to turn ripe and brought them in the house. I will lay them out all over the place, not touching, and let them ripen. If the weather holds, I'll be bringing more in also. This should provide tomatoes for quite a while.

When I do any deep frying (as for donuts or fry bread) I use lard. After I'm done, I let it cool, but when it is still liquid, strain it and put it back into the lard tub and keep it in the freezer for next time:

Here is the frozen lard emptied into the Dutch oven I use for deep frying:

Just a couple of frugal tips!


  1. I got a question Yolanda. What do I do with the ones that are still green hanging from the plant?
    We are having 40 something degrees some nights and would like to know if I should wait a little longer or not to cut them.


  2. If I were you, Mely, I'd go ahead and pick them and let them ripen. Many of them will!

  3. Yolanda,
    After you use your lard as many times as you want then make soap with it. Thats what I do. Now that the weather is cooling down a tiny bit here I am thinking of making soap again. It was so hot this summer I just didnt make it much.

  4. Oh, yes! I never throw fat away. I keep a lard tub in the freezer and put it in there until I have enough to make soap.

  5. Hello Yolanda,'
    To my surprise some of the tomatoes still on the vine are getting some nice red color.

    Have a great week my friend.



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