Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fresh Juice

I don't think drinking bottled juices from the store is a very healthy choice. I've read too much scary stuff about it. I am lucky to have one of these:

It is easy to use, quick to clean up and I love it! Juicing is not my passion, understand, but sometimes I just want some fresh juice and particularly in the colder months of the year, because we have the unheated greenhouse and a supply of fresh greens all winter long.

I went out there this morning and brought in some things to use for a salad for dinner, and I also picked a handful of kale leaves and made a small amount of juice for me and my husband. It was so delicious, I have to share the "recipe" !

2 small carrots, peeled
a small handful of fresh kale
1 whole sweet apple (do not core)
1 whole lemon

I was worried the lemon might be too sour, but oh, my! It was like the best lemonade ever!

I think you would like it too. :)

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  1. You know what Yolanda. I just sold mine on ebay this last summer. The same one. After so much time in storage and using only the blender for juices, it was about time for it to go.

    I have a Waring blender and it does a great job. Just today we had a smoothie made of chopped carrots, peeled oranges and mangos.

    I should try adding kale. Better yet tomorrow this recipe will be my breakfast.

    Have a merry time.


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