Saturday, May 19, 2012

Container Gardening

I used to have an herb and flower garden that was 30 feet by 30 feet in size.  When our two youngest girls were still at home, we shared the work to take care of it and it was beautiful!  Then, within 6 months of each other, they married and moved away.  I tried to take care of it alone, but along with all the other garden duties, plus preserving food... well, after a few years I cut it down to just 1/4 the size and it was still lovely.  Then I got arthritis in my hands and can't do the hard core weeding I used to do, so now it's a jungle!  I love it anyway.  There is a Wisteria taking over.  It's a good thing I enjoy wild spaces.

The point is, I wanted somewhere to grow a few herbs, so I decided to put some in containers.  There are 2 kinds of thyme, chives, aloe, lavender and Rosemary in this lot.  My gardening daughter dug up some of her herbs for me yesterday.  I went to two thrift stores and bought a few containers.  This afternoon I put together my "garden".  I know it will never make it into a gardening magazine, but I like it!

Here are a few more pictures of the different plants.

Chives ~

The largest planting there is Lavender ~

A little pot of thyme ~

Geraniums ~

Two varieties of thyme ~

Another view ~

And another.

It was lots of fun putting this together.  I hope it works out well.  If so, I will probably expand it next year. :)


  1. hello,
    your herb garden looks beautiful!!!! i love it.
    thanks for sharing.
    great blog!!!
    wish you a wonderful sunday,
    blessings regina

  2. They all look wonderful, mine is small tucked along my edges. I need to do more, but have energy only for less. Perhaps I need to put some in containers instead.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. how sweet! I love that you put buttons (right?) and pine cones in the 2 pots. So whimsical.

    1. Yes, they ARE buttons! I'm glad you noticed.

  4. hm. Did my comment disappear into thin air? I love your pots - especially the buttons and pine cones. So sweet.

    1. No, it didn't. I have it set up so that I have to approve comments before they are posted. Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you like my buttons and pine cones. :)

  5. Hello Dear friend,

    It is so lovey to see your potted herbs. That is the only way to go for me since we live in an apartment. So far we had have some success with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and herbs. One year we planted zucchini but it didn't work.

    Would love to see more pictures of your garden.



    1. So nice to hear from you, Mely! I will try to post some pictures of the garden soon!

  6. How sweet!! Little pieces of history. Cute set up. And probably a really smart idea.


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